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Courtney and Brian have restored 9 forgotten homes in the last 4 years. They work alongside one another through all phases of a house remodel. “When building our homes we believe that we have a responsibility to preserve the beauty of our natural environment. We use materials and construction practices that will keep your home and our local environment looking beautiful for generations. We refuse to cut corners with our homes, as we source high-quality and sustainable materials as well as do all of our own work to the highest standards.”


Brian can and does do it all. He has worked in every trade while always pursuing his passion for woodworking and carpentry. He comes up with the most creative design ideas, custom pieces, and layouts from conception to execution. Brian enjoys a challenge when he finds a home that has been abandoned for years. Every detail counts from problematic issues to final touches. Brian is thrilled to share his skills with his newborn baby daughter, Olive. 


Courtney is the muscle. Courtney's favorite part is kicking off the demo while Brian gets creative with the plans. Courtney loves finding old floors that with a lot of elbow grease can be transformed into beautiful hardwoods again. In addition to working in the field Courtney is responsible for listing our completed homes and knows the closing process inside and out. 

Working with Courtney ensures a knowledgeable, quick, and painless closing process. They value transparency and take pride in their expertise in both building and buying/selling homes. A labor of love, it’s with great joy they say:

Welcome Home.

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